We are enthusiastic IT Architects interested in making IT solutions and their design much more fun, better, and smooth.

We are using Sparx Enterprise Architect on a daily basis and during our common journey with it we needed to generate huge amounts of both internal and customer documentation. As we needed more flexibility in the process we’ve decided to develop our own documentation tool (and more).


RepoDoc is a powerful document generator for Enterprise Architect able to produce a variety of document formats using templates written in any text editor. These include HTML, LaTeX, Markdown or AsciiDoc documents, but also CSV, XML or JSON files, GraphViz graphs, SVG diagrams and even source codes in different languages. With RepoDoc you can also generate PDF documents easily using the built in post-processing feature. Start using RepoDoc with the provided templates or write quickly a new one with easy to learn language. Still curious? Have a look at the introduction and examples or at the user guide.


RepoWatchdog watches for changes to Enterprise Architect repository items and announces detected changes by email and/or writes them to a file. The content of emails and files is customizable and determined by templates written in Liquid template language. Still curious? Have a look at the at the user guide and examples.

Want more?

We offer independent reviews of your architecture and insights. Share your worries about the current project or solution and we can:

  • make an independent review before the end of the iteration or project,
  • give unattached opinion and critics on your solution, or any deliverable,
  • help with Sparx Enterprise Architect in any scenario.