RepoDoc is a document generator for Enterprise Architect able to produce a variety of document formats using templates written in any text editor.

How it works

RepoDoc takes a document template and a starting package as input. It outputs a plain text document together with repository artifacts specified in the template and taken from the repository. An optional profile may be specified to instruct RepoDoc to post-process the document with a third party software (like Asciidoctor or Pandoc).

repodoc howitworks

RepoDoc uses plain text templates and an easy to learn Liquid template language. This allows to output a broad range of different plain text formats like CSV, XML or JSON, but also to post-process the result in various third party backends to produce an office document like DOCX. It also offers new possibilities when iterating repository like multiple iterations, custom loops, conditional expressions and more.

How to use

  1. Download and install latest RepoDoc bundle.

  2. Start Enterprise Architect and open your project.

  3. Select RepoDoc from the Specialize ribbon and open its control panel.

  4. Click Generate.

  5. Click View

Want more?

Select another template or write quickly your own with an easy to learn language. Find out more about RepoDoc features and have a look at the user guide.

RepoDoc has been designed and developed by enthusiastic IT architects working in Archimetes. We can provide remote consulting support to help you to get maximum value from Enterprise Architect and RepoDoc.