This is a 'how to' for generating a PDF document using the pre-installed AsciiDoc template for RepoDoc.

RepoDoc comes with several pre-installed document templates. You’ll find these templates in the RepoDoc installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Archimetes\RepoDoc\DocumentTemplates\Input or you can download the templates from the website. The AsciiDoc document template produces an AsciiDoc formatted document, but may also be used to generate a PDF document. Use or modify this template to produce your own (customized) PDF documentation for your project.

Generating AsciiDoc document

To demonstrate the document generation we’ll use the standard EAExample.eap model that is shipped with every Enterprise Architect and is typically stored in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA directory. Please have a look at the short introduction first, if you are new to RepoDoc.

To generate a document, based on the model follow these steps:

  1. Open the EAExample.eap model in Enterprise Architect and select the Resource Allocation package in the Project browser. You’ll find it under the Modeling Basics -> Resources package.
  2. Right-click on the selected package and choose Extensions -> RepoDoc -> Control Panel. RepoDoc starts and presents itself with the Document generator form.
  3. Click the ... button in the first row and select the Class-diagram-documentation.adoc.rdt template from the dialog.
  4. Click the Generate document button. RepoDoc generates an AsciiDoc document for the Resource Allocation package.

Generating PDF document

You can use the built-in post-processing capability of RepoDoc to convert the generated AsciiDoc document to a PDF document. First, you have to install Asciidoctor-pdf, a PDF converter for AsciiDoc.

  1. Install Ruby using the RubyInstaller for Windows.
  2. Run gem.cmd install asciidoctor-pdf -N --pre to install the PDF converter.

Now return to RepoDoc, choose the AsciiDoc-PDF document generator profile and press the Generate document button. RepoDoc should output information similar to this one:


The generated AsciiDoc document has been converted automatically into a PDF formatted class diagram document that should look like this one: