Try RepoDoc, a new way of documenting your repository.

It’s easy to use, powerful and we offer it for free to anyone willing to test or help.

What is RepoDoc?

A document generator add-in for Enterprise Architect.

What makes it special?

  • uses plain text templates that are easy to create, modify and maintain,
  • offers flexible repository filtering capabilities,
  • makes non-linear document generation possible,
  • supports a wide range of document formats including, but not limited to, HTML, LaTeX, PDF, Markdown, AsciiDoc, CSV, XML or JSON files, SVG, source codes in different languages,
  • contains a built-in post processor.

How can you help?

  • try it out and submit your wishes for a must/nice to have functionality,
  • write a new interesting template or let us know what kind of template would you need.

What you can achieve?

Here are few examples of documents, generated with RepoDoc. Find more at RepoDoc downloads.

UML model overview (HTML)


Requirements catalogue (LaTeX)


Dependency graphs (DOT/Graphviz)

Dependencies between UML elements.


Dependencies between Archimate elements.


Class diagram overview (AsciiDoc)


Package list (JSON)